TYPO3 Portals and Sites
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TYPO3 Portals and Sites

TYPO3 the enterprise open-source CMS

TYPO3 is an ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System), an open-source system for thecreation of websites, portals and corporate intranets. Powerful, flexible and rich in functions, it is designed to facilitate content management. Our company aligns among its employees one of the first 10 Italian TYPO3 Certified  Integrator.

TYPO3 Consultancy in Italy
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TYPO3 Consultancy in Italy

Archimede Informatica is a TYPO3 consultant in Italy.

Some of Italy’s first certified TYPO3 consultants work for our company. We provide consultancy for the creation and management of websites with the TYPO3 CMS. We have clients throughout Italy: Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Liguria, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Pisa, Modena, Rome and more.

MET - Museum E-Ticket
biglietto per i monumenti di piazza dei Miracoli

MET - Museum E-Ticket

The ticketing software for museums and monuments

MET - Museum E-Ticket is the ticketing software for the on-site and on-line sale of entry tickets to museums and monuments.
MET has been adopted by the Opera Primaziale Pisana for booking and selling entry tickets to the Tower of Pisa and the monuments and museums of “Piazza dei Miracoli”.

E-Publishing with OJS
Open Journal System

E-Publishing with OJS

Open Journal Systems; an open-source system for the management of magazines

OJS - Open Journal Systems is a system for the integrated management of editing and publishing activities, both on the web and on paper, connected with scientific journals that use peer-reviewing. OJS offers tools for all stages of editing and publishing a journal. OJS has been created by the Public Knowledge Project

Open Conference System

Open Conference System

OCS, open-source system for the management of conferences on the web

OCS - Open Conference System is a system for the complete management of the online presence of a conference. It manages the “Call for papers”, the submission and the reviewing of abstracts and papers, the registration of participants, including payments, the online publication of acts and deeds. OCS has been created by the Public Knowledge Project

Multi-Device Websites
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Multi-Device Websites

Adaptive and responsive multi-device websites

With the wide spread of smartphones and tablets, a website can no longer be rigid. Today, different users, different devices, different connections and different navigation needs require that the standards of the production of a website be adaptive and/or responsive, so as to offer the best browsing experience with a single web site.

Verbatim Coding System
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Verbatim Coding System

Analysing, in a few minutes, millions of responses and extracting the concepts that are expressed.

Quantifying the feelings and opinions of all those who use a product or a service. Understanding in advance the market response to a new product. Analysing in real time customer responses to prevent customer abandonment.


"The Automatic Survey"

The VCS has been defined as "the automatic survey analyzer" in an article published in the Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24ORE”. The Verbatim Coding System (VCS) is a piece of software that automatically analyses open-question surveys developed by Archimede Informatica and ISTI-CNR. The VCS is at the heart of strategic partnerships with important companies in Europe and the USA.

Website Accessibility

Our work in the field of web accessibility started a long time ago and is proceeding further and further: from the websites designed for the Public Administration to the new TYPO3 development project for making accessibility management a tool integrated into the CMS.

MET Ticketing Software System

Biglietteria online piazza dei Miracoli

MET - Museum E-Ticket is the software used to issue entry tickets to the Leaning Tower, the monuments and the museums of Piazza dei Miracoli. MET, the ticketing software for museums and monuments has been installed, among others, at museums in Pisa, Pistoia, Ariccia and Florence.


MET for Lecce Ecclesiae

Our ticketing software was installed in the Diocesan Museum of Piazza Duomo in Lecce to manage the accesses of a large project of cultural enhancement of the city.

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