OMP - Open Monograph Press

Open Monograph Press

What it is and how it works

Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source software platform developed by the Puplic Knowledge Project that allows the management and publication of scholary books.

Like the Open Journal System (OJS) for scientific journals, OMP allows you to manage the editorial workflow for the online publication of monographs and scholary volumes, through a process that includes a peer-review mechanism, content editing, production and publication.

It is also possible to use OMP to create a publishing house website with the publication of the book catalogue, the management of distribution and the activation of online sales tools.

Which are the main features

Open Monograph Press Open Books

Using the ONIX standard, OMP meets the metadata requirements of online book retailers (eg Amazon), facilitating the distribution, licensing and any other form of physical and digital publication of books.

OMP offers the editorial team tools to simplify the editing activity, allowing them to organize documents by differentiating stages of the production process and makes possible to create a catalogue that is displayed on the site through an image slider that reproduces the thumbnails of the book covers.

All publications can be downloaded by readers in PDF, ePub or any other electronic format and published with either open access or a commercial license, using a sales and subscription management system integrated into the site.

What services does Archimede offer

We have many years of experience working with open source CMS systems, and specifically with the Open Journal System. That experience has allowed us to continuously update our professional skills in the world of online publishing. With Open  Monograph Press we create complete solutions for publishing monographs online. From building a dedicated site for volume management, to the customization of the design and functionality of the CMS, implementing solutions for online payments integrated into the site. We also provide hosting, installation and operators training services.