Websites for Conferences and Congresses

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We create complete solutions for the management of the web presence of conferences, meetings and congresses.

From the publication of the dedicated website, with the possibility of customizing the graphic aspect, over the management of enrolments with online payment, up to the workflow management of the articles.

Our solutions provide all the functionalities that are useful for managing all aspects of a scientific conference.

The management of articles includes the online submission, the management of the reviewing process and the publishing of articles in PDF.

The management of enrolments allows to collect online both applications as authors and registrations to attend a congress. It is also possible to collect the payment of the registration fee online. Users of the site can also be created directly by the operators of the site and these can send various communications (call for papers, deadlines for submission, approval or rejection notifications, etc.) by using predefined and customizable message templates.

We offer total flexibility in the management of information about congresses, such as the location, the list of sessions, the event programme and the scientific committee.


For years, we have used Open Conference System (OCS) for the creation of websites for congresses, conferences and meetings.

OCS is the open-source system created by the Public Knowledge Project for the complete management of the web presence of a conference.

OCS is suitable for universities and research institutes that use internal staff for the organization and management of scientific conferences, but it is also the ideal solution for companies that organise the logistics and the location of conferences, to manage communication and enrolments and add it to your own package of offers.

We provide hosting services, installation, training for editors and customization of the features of OCS.

We develop solutions for the integration between OCS and other IT systems, such as management systems, Microsoft Office and Open Office.