About Us

Archimede Informatica operates in the field of Information Technology and is active in different areas.

The aim is to help client companies to express their ideas, to develop their business and optimize their workflows, by offering IT solutions and services, in particular with regard to the areas of web projects, museum ticket offices, automatic cataloguing of texts, web conference, e-commerce and online publishing.

Archimede Informatica offers specific consultancy able to give added value and improve business, while putting at the service of companies its experience, competence and professionality, where the needs of the clients are always at the centre of the solutions offered.

The constant updating and continuous training of the staff as a valuable and strategic resource, the rights of which must be protected and the professional growth of which must be guaranteed, provide businesses with important support in supplying state-of-the-art open-source-based IT solutions.

Open-source solutions means solutions with an open source, i.e. available to everybody, but also solutions with high added, reliable value at very competitive prices, as there are no costs connected to licensing as opposed to proprietary software.

Gennaro Razzi

Gennaro Razzi is the President of Archimede Informatica and the head of the web projects of the cooperative.

Since 1994, he has been dealing with web design and consultancy and in 2003 he began to design and create portals using TYPO3 .

In 2010, he obtained the official certification as TYPO3 Integrator issued by the international TYPO3 Association, which brings together TYPO3 developers.

In 2016, he was elected as a member of the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association .

In 2017 he obtains the certification TYPO3 Editor.

In recent years, he has devoted a large part of his work to the design of websites for the Public Administration in compliance with technical and legislative requirements provided for these websites, especially as regards accessibility and transparency.

Ivano Luberti

Ivan Luberti, the Vice President of Archimede Informatica, is a software architect. He has designed and developed web applications for more than 15 years using different methods and design patterns (MVC, DDD).

He is expert in Java and PHP (in particular extbase, the MVC environment for TYPO3).

He is the developer of the ticketing software MET Museum E-Ticket .

He also deals with the development and configuration of institutional and e-commerce websites, while performing tasks as TYPO3 integrator and web developer for the development of new extensions.

Abramo Tesoro

Abramo Tesoro has been a member of Archimede Informatica since 2005, a member of the board of directors since 2011, an is an IT expert and PhD at the University of Pisa.

He develops web pages and his competences range from the CSS language to typoscript.

He is an expert configurator of CMSs with particular knowledge of TYPO3.

In 2017 he obtains the certification TYPO3 Editor.

He also deals with web graphics and has developed the TYPO3 extension for Vimeo Vimeo Ads Player.




Arianna Da Rold

After graduating from the Liceo Scientifico,  she got a degree in Agricultural Sciences in 2002.

Since 2004 he has worked in the administrative field dealing with many aspects among wich  tenders and reporting on European projects.

Since 2010 she is Administrative Manager of Archimede Informatica.