OJS - Open Journal System

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What is its Purpose

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open-source web-publishing software for the management of scientific journals, created thanks to funding from the Canadian Government by a consortium named Public Knowledge Project.

Archimede Informatica provides hosting services, installation, training for operators and customizing of functionalities. Archimede Informatica is also able to develop the integration between OJS and other computer systems.

OJS is a complete system for the management of all aspects of drafting and publishing a scientific journal: from the creation of a dedicated website with the possibility of choosing and customizing the graphic aspects, over the management workflow of articles, up to the management of subscriptions and sales of individual articles with online payment.

OJS is suitable for universities and research institutes that typically use internal staff for the editorial organization and management of scientific journals, but it is also the ideal solution for publishing companies that organize, manage and publish scientific journals.

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Main Features of OJS

OJS allows the creation and management of websites for the electronic publication of one or more journals.

The work is divided between multiple users that are assigned to roles that are typical of drafting a scientific journal (author, proof-reader, editor, publisher).

The management of articles includes the online submission, the management of the reviewing process and the publishing of articles according to the standards of the Open Archive Initiative (OAI PMH). The articles are also published in the PDF format, so that they can be downloaded freely or for a fee. The compliance with the standards (OAI PMH) allows for the management of magazines with a high visibility on the web.

The users of the website can also be created directly by the operators of the website and these can be sent various communications (call for papers, postponement of deadlines, etc.) using predefined and customizable message templates.

The sales management allows to collect online subscriptions and purchases of individual articles with the relevant online payment.

We have prepared a test installation: if you would like to see for yourself how it works, go to demo.