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Open Mograph Press is an open source software designed for online scientific publishing that can be used by institutions and companies operating in the sector such as publishers, public and private research institutes, universities, scientific research foundations.

Our Services

We create complete and tailor-made solutions for the management and online publication of monographs and academic books based on peer-reviewing mechanisms.

With Open Monograph Press it is possible to create graphically customized websites that allow publishing houses to manage and publish their books catalog. Customization for example allow to generate thumbnails of volumes covers so to simulate a virtual library in which the user is able to move autonomously.

Using the ONIX standard integrated in OMP we are able to meet all the online retailers technical requirements (such as Amazon) making easy to distribute both physical and online publications.

We offer editorial teams tools that simplify the editorial activity: the peer-reviewed  document will be differentiated according to the different phases of the editorial process and therefore could be managed in a simple and intuitive way.

The OMP online editing tools allow users to get assigned the typical roles of a publishers (author, reviewer, editor, publisher) with functionalities that include online submission, reviewing process management and publication of articles according to the Open Access Initiative (OAI PMH) standard.

The solutions we propose allow users to download publications in different formats, such as PDF and ePub either in open access mode or with payment systems integrated into the website for individual volumes or subscriptions.

In addition to providing dedicated installation and hosting services, we are able to customize both the graphic solution of the CMS and the integrated functions, implementing tailor-made solutions for different editorial needs.

OMP Training

Open Monograph Press

Having many years of experience in e-publishing software, we provide the customer training courses for alle the different figures involved in the editorial process: editorial manager, peer-review manager, draft production staff.