Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals on the Web

Globo ricoperto di copertine di riviste

We create complete solutions for the web publishing and management of all editorial aspects of a scientific journal with peer-reviewing mechanisms:

from the creation of a dedicated website, with the possibility of choosing and customizing the graphic aspect, over the management of subscriptions and the purchase of individual articles with on-line payment, up to the management workflow of the articles.

Our solutions offer all of the features that are useful for managing the life cycle of a scientific article, from the presentation, over the evaluation, up to the approval and publication on the web and on paper.

The management of articles includes the online submission, the management of the reviewing process and the publishing of articles according to the standards of the Open Access Initiative (OAI PMH). The articles are also published in the PDF format, so that they can be downloaded for free or for a fee.

The work is divided between multiple users that are assigned to roles that are typical of the drafting of a scientific journal (author, proof-reader, editor, publisher).

The sales management allows to perform online both subscriptions and the purchase of individual articles (including the relevant payments).

Sites for Journals on the OJS platform

Open Journal System

For years, we have used Open Journal Systems (OJS) for the creation, management and publication of scientific journals.

OJS is the open-source system created by the Public Knowledge Project for the integrated management of the activities connected with editing and publishing scientific journals that use peer-reviewing, on the web and on paper.

We provide hosting services, installation, training for editors and customization of the features of OJS.

We develop solutions for the integration between OJS and other IT systems, such as management systems, Microsoft Office and Open Office.


OJS Training

Having many years of experience in e-publishing software, we provide the customer training courses for all the different figures who deal with the many aspects of managing and publishing online magazines. The courses are aimed at the different figures involved in the editorial process, such as: Journal Manager, Journal Editor, Section Editor, Layout Editor, Production Editor, making the editorial team completely autonomous to operate in all stages of the production process.