Verbatim Coding System

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“Analysing, in a few minutes, millions of answers to open-question surveys and extracting the concepts that are expressed. Quantifying the feelings and opinions of all those who use a product or a service. Understanding in advance the market response to a new product. Analysing in real time customer responses thus preventing customer abandonment.”

What it is for

VCS™ is a piece of software for automatically encoding responses to open-question surveys, with respect to any set of categories, called codeframe or codebook.

VCS™ learns, on the basis of examples, how to encode the answers of the users. Examples are provided by those operators who traditionally analyse responses one by one. A few hundreds of examples allow to automatically analyse millions of answers.

VCS™ learns from its mistakes: operators can correct its behaviour by changing the coding of the answers. VCS™ will thus take into account the corrections in the subsequent choices.

VCS™ can be used directly by Marketing Research staff without employing specialized IT staff. Once installed at the client’s site, it will no longer be necessary to contact specialized staff to create a new survey or configure VCS™, encode new surveys, modify the codeframe or for any other operation typically carried out during the normal analysis of a survey.

VCS™ can also be used to analyse the information flows in real time, as it is able to process input and direct it to its intended destination.

The accuracy of the performance of VCS™ is scientifically measurable.

How It Has Been Created and Who Uses It

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Since 2004, through a project commissioned by Egg™, Archimede Informatica and ISTI-CNR have worked consistently on the development of VCS™ to create and offer a reliable and fast piece of software. Together, they have also developed the competences that enable to integrate VCS™ into any existing software infrastructure.

VCS™ has a powerful and flexible Application Programming Interface (API) called VCSWebService™, through a web service that complies with the SOAP standard. The API is independent of any programming language, so as to allow its integration into any software that makes available an interface for manual coding, which can thus be extended to the use of VCS™ for the automation of document coding tasks.

VCSWebService™ allows to access all functionalities for the creation of metadata, the manipulation of codeframes and the access to VCSEngine™ for automatic coding services.

Currently, Ascribe (formerly known as Language Logic), a worldwide leader with its Ascribe™ software, uses VCS™ to automate its processes and those of its customers through the so-called ACMs, while providing services for coding survey responses. Tim Macer, a well-known English expert in Marketing Research, has written a flattering review .

The VCS™ is also provided by The 3rd Degree as an additional service for its Mopinion, a cutting-edge technology for the management of surveys distributed through mobile devices.

Further negotiations are in progress with software vendors to integrate VCS™ in their marketing research solutions.