MET - Museum E-Ticket

The ticketing software system for museums, monuments and parks, both for on-line and on-site sales.

Reservation, sale, pre-sale, issue and printing of tickets, on-site and on-line.

From the small museum to the monumental complex, MET is an innovative ticketing system for museums and monuments. MET provides all the functionalities for the sale, pre-sale, reservation and issue of tickets. MET is a state-of-the-art solution that allows you to manage, with extreme ease, the online sale and pre-sale of tickets via the Internet.

The METsoftware is one of the products listed in the MEPA catalogue (the portal for the purchase by Public Administration Bodies) of Archimede Informatica.

The Features of MET

  • Multiple locations connected over a local network.
  • Simultaneous management of tickets for several museum rooms or several monuments.
  • Highly modular system, both as regards the features provided and the size.
  • Management in a single integrated system for the sale and the pre-sale on the web and for the on-site sale at the ticket offices of museums.
  • Reservation management and sale of tickets, in the cases where entry is only allowed to groups of a limited number of people and at set times (e.g. guided tours, rolling access at set times, visit shifts).
  • Use of barcodes for vouchers, and for checking and validating tickets.
  • Graphics and format of tickets completely customizable, thanks to printing on pre-printed paper.
  • It manages all types of ticket: cumulative, reduced, discounted, single ticket for more rooms/museums/monuments.



MET – On-Site and On-Line Ticketing

On-site ticketing

  • Online sale, pre-sale and reservation of tickets for one or more museums, monuments, rooms.
  • Issuing the voucher or the electronic ticket with a barcode to print out and give to the ticket collector.
  • Online payment by credit card.
  • System for verifying and changing the reservations made online by the users.
  • Report on the origins of web users - sales, pre-sales and reservation of tickets for one or more museums, monuments, rooms.


On-line ticketing

  • Issuing electronics tickets with a barcode for electronic verification and validation.
  • Electronic system for the validation of tickets with barcode readers.
  • Fast reading of the voucher issued by the online ticketingsystem with a bar code reader.
  • Secure access to the software, differentiated depending on the type of operator. Identification of ticketing operators, record of all the operations carried out.
  • Unlimited number of points of sale (PC with printer) that can operate simultaneously in the network.
  • Unlimited number of ticketing operators that can work from any of the points of sale.
  • Detailed sales reports differentiated depending on the operator, the type of ticket, the room/museum/monument and the time of sale.
  • Exporting sales data in standard formats, so that they can be imported and used in the accounting management system.



MET - The Modular and Scalable Software

 MET, the solution for premises of every type and size.

 Modularity of features

  • You can purchase separately only the version for online sale or only the version for the sale at the ticket office of museums/monuments/parks.
  • You can purchase full licenses or licenses with reduced functionality, for both the on-line and the on-site version.
  • You can always add new modules to those installed.


Scalability of dimensions

  • Premises with one single operator or with more than one ticketing operator.
  • Premises with one single or multiple points of sale.
  • Premises that manage one single museum/monument or those that manage monumental complexes.
  • It is always possible to add new operators, points of sale, premises at any time by purchasing new licenses.



Who Uses MET

MET is a product by Archimede Informatica s.c.r.l. and is used: