T3 Camp Italy: the First National Italian Event Dedicated to TYPO3

Every year, since 2010, the best Italian experts in TYPO3 gather to present and discuss this well-known CMS.

The meetings have two purposes, to introduce TYPO3 to those who are new to it, and to widen the knowledge of programmers who already use this CMS.

The event is dedicated to the operators of small, medium and large enterprise, public bodies, developers, CED responsibles, computer, web, e-commerce, marketing and SEO technicians.

Archimede Informatica is one of the authors and organizers of the event.

Our programmers, with their consolidated experience with TYPO3, have always been among the protagonists of the event since its first edition.

In this page, you can find the technical presentations made by our programmers in the various editions of T3Camp Italy.

Presentations by Archimede Informatica at T3Camp Italy Editions

Edition 2010 - Bologna

Edition 2011 - Bologna

Edition 2012 - Bologna

T3 Camp Italy - Bologna 16 November 2012

T3 Camp Italy - Bologna 17 November 2012

Edition 2014 - Milan

T3 Camp Italy - Milan 15 March 2014