Oltreoceano OJS Journal by Linea Edizioni

Linea Edizioni inaugurates the OJS platform for its online journals

Oltreoceano is the title of the first magazine that Linea Edizioni publishes on the OJSplatform dedicated to the section of its catalog relating to the publication of periodicals on the web.

Oltreoceano, the dissemination body of the International Center for Research on Migrant Literatures (CILM), is an open access journal published in several languages that deals with the issue of migration in the Americas, whose articles are subjected to the criterion of double-blind peer-review .

Linea Edizioni among the many activities it pursues, aims to publish texts that can stimulate reflection and discussion in the widest possible audience of readers and OJS is the open source software that fully responds to the needs of solidity, rigorous revision and maximum diffusion that an independent publishing house expresses while broadening its horizons.