Met Web Casa Buonarroti Firenze

MET WEB now arrives at Casa Buonarroti

Casa Buonarroti installed MET Museum E-Ticket in 2015 by choosing a module that would allow ticket issuance and access control by palmtop. From today it adds the MET WEB module to its offer.

MET WEB allows visitors to book their access shift, conveniently choosing the day and time of visit and paying for tickets online directly on the museum website.

Integrating the MET WEB module into the site of a structure as Casa Buonarroti is a technologically simple operation and offers many advantages for both visitors and museum managers, who will be able to manage online collections and predict access flows, organizing itself as best as possible to welcome the public.

MET is a ticketing software that has been developed with a modular structure precisely to allow those who install it to implement its functions as management needs change.