Portals and Websites

We design websites and portals for our clients by combining the design needs with those of usability.

The sites that we have created have a strong graphic impact and are easy and intuitive to navigate.

Thanks to the use of CMSs, we provide content management solutions that offer total and constant control over the website, from the logical organization, over the maintenance of content, to the management of information publication flows, with procedures compatible with your business procedures.

The use of CMS systems for our web projects allows us to achieve a complete separation between contents and graphics, while minimizing maintenance costs.

Responsive and Multi-Device Websites

With the wide spread of smartphones and tablets, a website can no longer be rigid. Different users, different devices, different connections and different navigation needs set new standards for the production of websites.

The sites that we create are all responsive and multi-device, designed from the outset to adapt dynamically to devices on which they are visualized, so as to guarantee optimal display on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Transparency and Accessibility for the Websites of the Public Administration

We have acquired thorough knowledge on the technical and legislative requirements about the transparency and accessibility which the websites of the public administration must meet.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide websites for public administration bodies which fully meet the accessibility requirements requested by the Stanca Law and the laws about transparency provided for in Legislative Decree no. 33 of 14th March 2013 about the ‚ÄúReorganization of the regulations concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by the public administration‚ÄĚ.

Thanks to our constant updating on web technologies, we are able to combine the requirements of transparency and accessibility with those of responsivity and multi-device use.


Portals and Websites Created with the TYPO3 CMS

We have been using the TYPO3 CMS since 2003 for the creation of websites and portals for our clients.

The use of TYPO3 offers considerable advantages, among which: 

  • simplicity and flexibility in the management of content, thanks to simple interfaces that do not require technical skills
  • high reliability of the system, which is used and tested by thousands of users around the world
  • simplicity and strength of the mechanisms for user management
  • simplicity of the management mechanisms for the various functions provided
  • high potential for future developments of the portal, thanks to the large amount of TYPO3 extensions existing and being developed (for example: multi-language portals, multi-channel functions to convey the same content on different means, such as smartphones, palmtops, PC, e-commerce applications, online forums, direct mailing systems, etc.).


Certified TYPO3 Integrator

Our company is among the very first in Italy to have become a Certified TYPO3 Integrator. In Italy, there are still very few to have achieved this important certification released by the Typo3 Association, the association that brings together the international community of developers of TYPO3, the open-source enterprise-level CMS software.