Vimeo Ads Video Player

Post videos on your own website is a common requiement nowadays .

Vimeo Ads Video player allows the integration of Vimeo videos inyour website and allows you to use a lot of Vimeo player customization options.

It's the right choice to quickly create video ads or playlists and its  very easy to use.


the pluginVimeo Ads Video Player (initially thought for the integration of advertising banners) allows you to easily configure the following customizations:

  • Choose width and height of the player
  • display a variable number of video within the player simply by entering the id of the Video
  • activate/deactivate the autoplay
  • activate/deactivate the loop function
  • activate/deactivate  the random function
  • starting the video in mute mode, the audio is activated automatically when the mouse pointer passes over the player

You can download for free Vimeo Video Player Ads and its manual here.