Products and Services ICT

We design and develop complete solutions, from the creation of the product to its management, maintenance and upgrade, with the guarantee of reliable and safe procedures.

Qualifying Elements of Our Products and Services ICT

  • Minimal impact of our work on the organizational structure of client companies, with flexible solutions that are able to communicate with the existing IT system.
  • Safe and simple tools, so as to guarantee that clients have complete, direct, fast and constant control over the contents of their own websites.
  • Advanced services for continuous and customized monitoring of the client’s website access data.
  • Consultancy for the promotion of websites, increasing the visibility and increasing customer loyalty: positioning on search engines, sector analysis.
  • Training aimed at the use of the products and the services supplied.

TYPO3 Consultancy in Italy

Archimede Informatica is a TYPO3 consultant in Italy

We offer qualified consultancy for the creation and management of websites with the TYPO3 CMS. Some of our staff are among Italy’s first certifiedTYPO3consultants. We have clients throughout Italy: Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Liguria, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Pisa, Modena, Rome and other locations.

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E-commerce, publishing, events, customised applications

We create portals and websites of all types, while guaranteeing a graphic and hypertext-based design that is both integrated and qualified; simple and safetools for complete, direct, fast and constant control over the content of your own website.

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The ticketing software for museums and monuments

MET is the ticketing software for on-site and on-line sales of entry tickets to museums and monuments.

MET is used for the reservation and sales, among others, by Opera Primarziale for ticketing of Piazza dei Miracoli and Tower of Pisa.

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Publication and management of peer-reviewing on the web

We provide integrated solutions for the management of editing and publishing activities, on the web and on paper, for scientific magazines that use peer-reviewing. Tools for managing all stages of drafting and publishing articles.

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Complete management of scientific publications with integrated ONIX standard and peer-reviewing mechanisms

We create complete and tailor-made solutions for the management and online publication of monographs and academic books based on peer-reviewing mechanisms. With Open Monograph Press it is possible to create customized websites in the graphic aspect that allow publishers to manage and publish the catalog of their books.

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