The new Media Key web site: Aip Award

The main functionality developed for new Media Key web site is AIP AWARD, a management system, integrated with TYPO3 that allows the management of all types of contests both by the organizational team and by the competitors.

From registration to the final prize-giving, everything can be administered through one site.

With AIP AWARD the competition opens and, through the release of credentials, competitors are allowed to register for the prize for their category.

The competitor can apply for the prize, upload the material related to his campaign, see the registration costs and pay the subscription.

The Media Key organizational team fine-tunes the parameters of the prize, processes the costs, appoints the judges and manages the gala for the delivery of the prizes.

The judges in charge with their credentials will be able to view multimedia materials in the competition and vote for them.

Everything is managed within a single site because an enterprise level CMS can really make a big difference.

But it's not over...