Update to TYPO3 10.4 for the IGG site

The CNR Institute of Geosciences and Georesources has updated its site to one of the most recent versions of the TYPO3 enterprise CMS

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Aguafutura TYPO3 web site
Aguafutura: the site of a project for sustainable development

The Institute of Geosciences and Georesources of the CNR has entrusted us with the creation of the site that collects the precious proposal of Aguafutura.

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Annals of Scuola Normale Superiore
OJS and Scuola Normale Superiore: one site, two journals

Our training and consultancy work has contributed to the creation of the Journals.SNS.IT platform which today hosts the precious Annals of the Scuola Normale Superiore.

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Met Web Casa Buonarroti Firenze
MET WEB now arrives at Casa Buonarroti

Casa Buonarroti installed MET Museum E-Ticket in 2015, choosing a module that would allow ticket issuance and access control by palmtop devices. From today it adds the MET WEB module to its offer.

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Oltreoceano OJS Journal by Linea Edizioni
Linea Edizioni inaugurates the OJS platform for its online journals

Oltreoceano is the title of the first magazine that Linea Edizioni publishes on the OJS platform dedicated to the section of its catalog relating to the publication of periodicals on the web.

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We brought MET to the Island of Capri

The Municipality of Carpi has chosen to install our ticketing software to manage access to some of the most evocative places on the island: I Giardini di Augusto and Villa Lysis.

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Mari Aperti publishing project by Jonas Italia
Online the new open access publishing project by Jonas Italia based on Open Monograph Press

The Jonas Italia Association, founded in 2003 by Massimo Recalcati, has entrusted us with the publication of Mari Aperti.

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ANIDIS web site
New TYPO3 9 website for ANIDIS

The Italian Association of Seismic Engineering has entrusted us to update TYPO3 version of their website, which is now online with a new, more flexible and safe look.

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The site of the Municipality of Bibbona even more accessible with TYPO3 10

We have updated TYPO3 to the latest version released, in this way the institutional website of the Municipality of Bibbona is more secure, increases the usability and accessibility of the contents.

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Upgrade to TYPO3 10 for Mach1

Mach1 is a leading company in insurance services and therefore attaches great importance to the security of its IT systems. For this reason, it has commissioned us to update its website to the latest…

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Annali of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is updated to the latest version of OJS

We have updated the Annals of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to the latest version of the Open Journal System by redesigning the graphic layout that becomes responsive and compliant with the Design…

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MET for the Museo Civico of Bassano del Grappa

We have installed MET Museum E-Ticket in one of the oldest exhibition venues in Veneto allowing visitors to book their online access in comfort and safety.

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OJS update for the journal "Studi Classici e Orientali"

We took care of the update of Studi Classici e Orientali to version 3.2 of Open Journal System for the journal published by Pisa Univerity Press and dedicated to the many aspects of the ancient world.

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JGG Open Access Journal online with OJS

The Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics (JGG) the official journal of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SIGG) has transferred its archive to the open source CMS Open Journal System

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MET in Ravenna: the online ticket system for convenient and safe access

The reopening to the public of Ravenna Mosaici is good news and even more thanks to the possibility of booking online your own turn to access each monument at the time the visitor can decide…

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Open Journal system for Rassegna AIPO

Rassegna AIPO the official journal of the Associazione Italiana Pneuomologi Ospedalieri has chosen OJS as CMS for the management of its online publications.

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OJS for Lo Scalpello Journal

Lo scalpello, the official journal of Ortopedici Traumatologi Ospedalieri Italiani, has transferred its huge archive to OJS, the open source CMS dedicated to the publication of peer-reviewed…

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The new shop on the Media Key website

We have integrated TYPO3 cms with the new version of CS Cart, expanding the sales possibilities of the different types of products and initiatives that characterize a multifaced company as Media Key…

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